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  In 1992, Gerry Hubbard began Hubbard's Deer Processing. After many years of using the old family sausage recipe processing deer, he decided it was time to branch out and try the recipe with pork. He loved the pork sausage so much that in 2000, he decided to sell it year-round. Starting out with only three types of pork sausage that were hand-mixed and seasoned by Gerry's wife, Mitzi. In 2014, Adam, Gerry's son, decided to work for the family business full-time. Adam had a dream of one day opening a meat market, and in 2017 the business officially became Hubbard's Country Meats, LLC. First, they added a small meat market to the existing processing plant and began carrying various pork and beef products. In late 2019, Gerry and Adam decided it was time to expand and make a move to downtown Thomasville. The new store opened Fall 2020. 

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